Monday, May 08, 2006

last last weekends ride!!!!

Hey people we as im Me, George,ich,Kirk,Richard,Ashley, brian and moffet went for a ride out at
glendowie ( dont know how to spell it). brian found a dead bird and was playing with that the whole time and lighting it on fire. Richard ha come back from Canada so we got to ride and catch up with him. so just a few photos from my camer and Kirks thanks 2 brian .....

Just chilling ichy Moffet and Kirk

Kirk haveing Brians burnt bird for lunch ( looks like he is enjoying it )

bahahaha if you look close moffet is blowing the wind out of his way so he could jump the hip futher good thinking.

Adam takeing the hands off through the fence

George with a HUGE look back over the hip ( good photo Brian )
Moffet with a cool little look back over the ledge

Richard Boozing the hip

We then went Takapuna grammar School for a quick street

Louie grinding down this long rail Sweet bro

George doing this crazy wall ride on the building sign